Phase One - Q1 2022

Unveil new SSA website (In Process) Review Matrica vs Nova for holder verification (In Process)
Continue contests and events to promote community engagement (In Process)
Conduct first “office hours” meeting with community Identify and fund a RadRugs review (In Process)
Finalize new, detailed governance model for the Association
Draft up a new tokenomics solution

Phase Two - Q1/Q2 2022

Finalize and setup of holder verification Identify the launch platform and schedule the Mint of Gen2 squirrels (In Process)
Begin Gen 3 squirrel art – “The Royal” series. Gen 1 & Gen 2 required for the limited edition Royal Mint (333 Total).
Complete RadRugs review
Mint of Gen 2 Squirrels (pixel series). Total mint of 999 squirrels.
Implement new tokenomics solution Implement staking solution

Phase Three Q2/Q3 2022

Finalize art for the Royal series
Begin development of Squirrel Card. Squirrel card holders will be entitled to on-chain and off-chain benefits. Examples of on chain benefits include guaranteed whitelist spots for partner projects, giveaways, and airdrops. Off-chain benefits include discounts and other relationship based benefits with select merchants.

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